Schools and MATs are some of the most challenging environments for technology.

You have large numbers of concurrent users accessing the system, and a huge array of applications in use.

You’re storing a large number of files and processing extremely sensitive data.


School pupils are digital natives. In many cases they are far more IT literate and tech confident than their teachers.

Secure IT systems

You need to ensure that your IT provision delivers everything your organisation needs, remains as simple to operate as possible, yet secure enough to guarantee the confidentiality of sensitive data and information without locking the system down to the extent that it inhibits its value as a learning tool. This can be a fine balance to achieve without expert help.

Catalyst for learning

IT is a fantastic catalyst for enhancing learning – but only when it works! We’ve all experienced IT suites that are out of action, or the frustration of computers that run far too slowly or constantly return error messages. When learning time is lost due to unreliable systems it cannot be recouped easily – nor can the confidence of the teachers using the technology to deliver lessons.


Plum IT Services is dedicated to the needs of schools and multi-academy trusts and fully appreciates your particular requirements. We can work in partnership to advise your SLT and ensure that your IT provision is aligned to your organisation’s learning objectives. As well as supporting the delivery of your IT strategy, we will work with you to ensure that your infrastructure and endpoint devices are as robust and reliable as possible.

Always proactive

We pride ourselves on our proactivity and always strive to ensure that as many issues as possible are avoided before they threaten to become problematic. But, when issues arise as they inevitably do, our customers tell us we are very quick to respond, both identifying and resolving such issues swiftly and efficiently, thereby ensuring that they have only minimal impact on operations and learning.

Trusts as well as schools

We work with multi-academy trusts as well as with individual schools, to provide their IT support service in its entirety or as an extension of their existing in-house teams. Alongside the provision of IT support, we also advise on their IT strategy, ensuring this aligns with their organisational objectives.

Learn more

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to learn more about how we are already working with educational organisations just like yours. Of course, we would be more than happy for you to talk to our existing customers so you can understand the service you would benefit from by partnering with us.

Plum IT Services – supporting schools and multi-academy trusts to overcome their IT challenges so they can focus on learning.


“The support and advice from Plum during the pandemic has upskilled our teaching staff and that has had a huge impact on our children.”

Nicola Doherty, Head Teacher, St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

“We’re very fortunate to have Plum, who stepped in at such short notice and provided us with a huge amount of support to ensure that our online provision, our online learning platform, was ready pretty much overnight.”

Mohammad Mustafa, Head Teacher, Alexander McLeod Primary School