Non-profits frequently experience difficulties with their IT systems.

Often having started with extremely low budgets, they have gradually added to their IT systems as they grew, with new users who are often not comfortable with all the technology they need to use.



Small charities and not-for-profits have specific IT requirements which often differ from most other types of organisation.

It is unlikely you have the budget for in-house support services and most will struggle on using any existing knowledge and experience. The amount of time wasted can be immense, trying to resolve those annoying IT problems that beset all organisations.

Our IT Support Services have been developed over many years to provide a best-in-class experience for our customers, backed by our functional and sector-specific knowledge and experience. We’re a proactive IT services company that works hard to anticipate your needs and deliver a wide array of easy-to-understand support services. Our team of experts understand what drives the real success of your operation.

We provide 24/7 direct access to a reliable, UK-based Service Desk and available on-demand support services, be that as an entirely outsourced service or as an extension to your in-house team. If required, the service includes the ability to remotely access / take control of your systems in order to resolve problems whilst you either watch us work or, alternatively, get on with other tasks to maximise your time.

Systems and licencing

As organisations grow, so too do their requirements for specific software systems, whether that be CRM databases for client records, accounting systems, HR or data storage. You may not be aware that many software providers offer dramatically reduced licencing costs for non-profit organisations – sometimes even free of charge completely. Plum IT Services are able to advise you here and may even be able to source discounted licences on your behalf.

GDPR and Data Protection

Do you have an up to date privacy statement? Have you and your staff been trained on data protection and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requirements? What about the various policies you need to have in place? Most importantly, do you know if you are fully compliant?

You may be storing personal data, and some of this may be sensitive. Being compliant and understanding what is needed shouldn’t be scary! We can help by advising you, providing training and guidance where required.

Web presence and social media

The internet can be a minefield, but it’s also your ‘shop window’ and it is important that your on-line presence and specifically your website is clear, easy to find and up to date. People talk about social media as if it’s a science that only the truly young understand, yet it can be a very valuable asset for your organisation, allowing you to stay in touch with your contacts or followers to keep everyone informed of news, activities, fund raising and important initiatives.

Value for money

Based in South East London, Ji and his team of professional IT support technicians offer a fixed price annual on-line support contract, with unlimited calls and emails during normal office hours. On-line support is based on a per user, per annum basis with prices from as little as £100 per year

To discuss your support needs, please call Ji on 07868 728 773 or email him at