Small charities and not-for-profits have specific IT requirements which often differ from most other types of organisation.

It is unlikely you have the budget for in-house support services and most will struggle on using any existing knowledge and experience. The amount of time wasted can be immense, trying to resolve those annoying IT problems that beset all organisations.

Our IT Support Services have been developed over many years to provide a best-in-class experience for our customers, backed by our functional and sector-specific knowledge and experience. We’re a proactive IT services company that works hard to anticipate your needs and deliver a wide array of easy-to-understand support services. Our team of experts understand what drives the real success of your operation.

We provide 24/7 direct access to a reliable, UK-based Service Desk and available on-demand support services, be that as an entirely outsourced service or as an extension to your in-house team. If required, the service includes the ability to remotely access / take control of your systems in order to resolve problems whilst you either watch us work or, alternatively, get on with other tasks to maximise your time.