September 2021 by Ji Li published on Spectator Schools Supplement September 2021 Issue Although there is little scientific proof of the story of Noah’s Ark or the accompanying flood, we are told that building the Ark was no small task and Noah was working to a deadline. When UK schools were told to close classrooms and switch to remote learning back in March last year, many were caught by surprise by being forced to change teaching practices and administrative processes overnight. However many schools thrived under the extraordinary circumstances, continuing to offer the highest standard of teaching to their pupils. Staff and pupils at those schools who excelled during the pandemic were often already familiar with cloud platforms or had been employing remote learning platforms for hybrid learning or blended learning long before the lockdowns. They may not have predicted the pandemic, but they did manage to build their Ark before the outbreak. As in-classroom learning is resumed, mainstream education is being refocused to onsite campuses. But blended learning is expected to stay and continue to be utilised by schools and colleges, like hybrid working, which is becoming more and more popular in the private sector. A working blended learning system requires both robust onsite network infrastructure and effective digital devices which work remotely. It’s not only a great technical challenge but also requires school staff and pupils to teach and learn differently. At Plum Innovations, we are passionate about taking on immense technical challenges that matter to our schools and we work tirelessly towards helping to reinforce the positive impact of EdTech on pupils’ learning outcomes. Our mission is to assist schools to build and implement the IT systems that will underpin the future of learning. If you think your school could benefit from our expertise, find out more at Spectator Article

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